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  • AHA
    "We applaud the District efforts to increase a sudden cardiac arrest victim's chances of receiving life-saving CPR and access to an AED."

    Dr. Kahn, AHA
    "We are committed to seeing this technology implemented broadly and on multiple mobile platforms."

    Jack Parow, President IAFC
    "With the creative environment of a Silicon Valley start up, this fire department has accomplished a feat previously unthinkable."

    Petros Dermetzis, Workday
    "The new application aims to both increase the frequency and quality of bystander CPR and increase the use and deployment speed of public access AEDs."

    Skip Kirkwood, President NEMSMA
  • TechCrunch
    "This is one of the best things I've ever written about. It's so important. Watch the video, get behind it."

    Jason Kincaid, TechCrunch
    "Calling all heroes: Fire Dept app could help save lives."

    Paul Ridden, Gizmag
    "Geolocation app appeals to your inner good Samaritan."

    Michael Gorman, Engadget
    Fast Company
    "The Fire District has launched a brilliant iPhone app that could help save lives."

    David Zax, Fast Company
  • Gizmodo
    "If this CPR iPhone app does not save lives, well we're doomed."

    Kat Hannaford, Gizmodo
    "The creators of this application have moved beyond the real-time Web to the right time Web."

    Tim O'Reilly, O'Reilly Radar
    "There are smart phone apps, and then there are apps for your phone - that are truly genius."

    Scott Budman, NBC Bay Area
    "An excellent example of the potential of Smartphone apps."

    Marianne Schultz, AppShopper
  • Mashable
    "The moment I tried it I knew I needed to retake CPR and that I really want this for my city."

    Ben Parr, Mashable
    "Enabling the rest of us to save lives."

    Larry Magid, CNET
    "I have chills."

    Kym McNicholas, Forbes
    Press Here
    "The first time I saw it, I just got it…there are smart phones in everyone's pocket… It's extraordinary."

    Scott McGrew, Press:here
  • ABC News
    "Making it easier than ever for CPR-trained Good Samaritans to save lives."

    Ki Mae Heussner, ABC News
    Webby Awards
    "Setting the standard for innovation and creativity on mobile devices"

    David-Michel Davies, Webby Awards
    "The iPhone app with a noble mission: provide fast rescue to victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)"

    Isabel Bonfatti, Yahoo
    Wireless Health
    "This may be the most important development in the treatment of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest since the automatic external defibrillator! Simply awesome."

    Tom Bouthillet, Wireless Health
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